Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

In this section of The California Outfits, we have outlined some important guidelines for everyone who visits our website. We kindly ask you to follow these rules and restrictions to make your time on our platform trouble-free.

Copyright Disclaimer

Here at The California Outfits, we want to be crystal clear about one thing: all the content you see on our website, including product images, text, design elements, logos, and illustrations, belongs solely to us. It is protected by copyright laws, and if anyone tries to use it without our permission, we will take necessary actions to protect our intellectual property.

Using Our Content

Please be aware that using any content from our website, like copying, selling, reproducing, modifying, publishing, displaying, uploading, or distributing, is not allowed. We have the rights to all the content on our website, and we can change the rules outlined here at any time without prior notice. This is all in place to safeguard our content and services.

Updates to Product Information

We want you to understand that all the information about our products, such as descriptions and prices, can only be changed or updated by the authorized folks here at The California Outfits. While we aim to provide accurate and current information, there may be occasional changes in prices, product images, or descriptions. If that happens, our buyers may be able to use our return, exchange, or refund policy.

Duties and Taxes on Imported Items

As we mentioned in our return, refund, and exchange policy, The California Outfits is not responsible for covering any duties or taxes on imported products. Even though our delivery charges are free, you will need to pay the taxes and duties in accordance with your country’s laws.

Links to Other Websites

Sometimes, we include links to external websites or content that we do not own or control. We want to make it clear that we are not responsible for what is on those external websites or the quality of their products or services.

Payment Options

We serve customers from all over the world, so we offer various payment options for your convenience. You can make payments through bank transfers or by using Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards.

Remember, we take these rules seriously, and if anyone breaks them, we will take appropriate legal action to protect our platform and our users. Thanks for being a part of The California Outfits!